Before You Get on Stage


Worship Leaders.  Are you living offstage what you are singing about on stage?  Run yourself through THE ATTITUDE CHECK LIST before you get up on stage and lead others into worship.

  • What specific things make me feel significant?

  • How is my personal significance linked to my position?  My particular ministry?  Who I know?  How I am recognized?

  • Do I pride myself on my accomplishments or my position?

  • How does pride manifest itself in me?  (Over confidence?  False humility?  Self consciousness?  Anger?  Blaming others, etc.)

  • How do I respond to the pedestal image?

  • Am I approachable for my teammates?  The audience?

  • Am I willing to be “real” before others?

  • Am I the same person on stage as off stage?

  • What is my attitude like after a great success?  A major “blooper” on stage?

  • Am I competing with others for a position?  Recognition?  Solo?

  • Am I jealous of other’s success or recognition?

  • Do I question God’s call if success is not attained quickly?

  • How do I receive recognition?  How do I receive criticism?

  • Am I committed to excellence even if no one encourages me for my discipline?

  • How do I feel when I’m not complimented for my talents?

  • When I plan worship sets, am I manipulative?  (I.e. do I pick the emotional ones I know will illicit a certain response?

  • How do I respond when I don’t get to present what I’ve worked so hard to prepare?

  • Am I living out the message I am proclaiming to others?

  • What do people most frequently compliment me for?

  • Are the time consuming activities in my life in line with God’s overall purpose for my life?

  • Am I a great example to follow?

Worship isn’t just something we do just on Sunday morning when we go to church.  Worship isn’t only about the music.  Worship isn’t only about the experience.  Worshipping God is a LIFESTYLE.  We were created to worship our Creator.  Imagine what the church would look like today if our only reason for living was to worship our Lord God?

Together Ministries is an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  Michael and Golden have been serving together in worship since 1993. 

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