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I don’t claim to know much about running a sound board or any of the other electronic stuff you tech heads have emersed yourselves into and I’m sure you would agree with me if I spent any time around you during setup and sound check. So, you may ask, “Why are you writing an article on a Techs Tips page?”

Well, I just have to say my piece about some things, I guess. And, today I want to talk about using computer technology during worship services.

With all the new uses for computers, graphics, software, videos and other media elements we are hard pressed to keep up with the rapid changes in presenting a worship service that is spiritually sensitive and yet effective. Our purpose is not to have every techno goodie out there operating within our church walls but to be ready to use the technology to better serve the Lord and His Church.

With that said, here’s some info that I thought would help us do just that!

On July 17, 2005, Calvary Chapel Perris Valley, had The Gutierrez Brothers from LA come and lead us in worship and praise. If you aren’t familiar with these brothers you are missing a real experience in latin flavored worship.

With the diversity of cultures in our fellowship the music set off a buzz in the crowd. Latin rhythms and guitars with harmonies to match… we were captivated and moved to worship the Creator.

Now, let me get to the point of this article. The two brothers only brought one guitar and one bass but they had a whole band. I realize that that is not unusual these days with computers and backup tracks but their band in a box was…. An iPod!!! Dunn, dunn, duuunn!!!

I spoke with Jose after the service and asked him how they were connecting the iPod into the sound system. It was too easy!

Equipment used included:
1 iPod plugged into….
1 adaptor cable that allowed them to go from the iPod to a quarter inch jack plugged into….
1 direct box plugged into the snake!!

That’s All Folks!

Art and Jose pre-recorded their songs minus the vocal, guitar and bass tracks. Added a click track to help count in at the beginning of a song and BAM!

From ipod to worship music in less than 4 moves. Wooo hooo!

So, are you ready to give it a try. I know I’m itching. But I did receive fair warning that you have to be good at keeping time and staying with the tempo of the track or else it will sound real bad no matter how good the equipment, recording or musical talent.

And, yet, another use for the iPod is born and once again I’m floored! Art and Jose did use a drum machine to enhance their sound.. but that, my friends, is another story for another time.



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