Vocal Training Tips


Through a revolutionary technique this man has accomplished singing a range of 5 octaves comfortably and without straining his vocal cords.

This technique is called SPEECH LEVEL SINGING. A vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing. SLS has been practiced at Calvary Chapel Perris Valley with a dramatic results in those who faithfully follow the lessons found in the book Singing For The Stars.

In many cases SLS rehabilitates vocal damage, caused by poor teaching or years of abuse, that could otherwise limit or even end a career, or worse require continual medical intervention.SLS training will improve your voice allowing you to sing safely and with greater range. Christian artists include who have trained using this technique are: Marty Goetz, Cheri Keaggy, Morgan Cryar, Mark Kibble of Take 6, and numerous ,Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders to name a few. Many of the Calvary Chapel Worship Conferences have had workshops that teach SLS.

WHERE AND HOW? BRETT MANNING (5 octave voice) has developed a training program that includes twelve full-length CDs, a workbook, and a DVD, all of which will lead you toward the complete mastery of your voice. Be sure to visit Brett’s website at: singingsuccess.com.

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