SLS, It Really Does Work!


I recently had an e-conversation with Billy, a worship leader, about Speech Level Singing. Both of us were so excited that the exercises could cause phenomenal range improvement literally over night so I thought I would share part of our conversation here.

…. About 10 years ago I came across a great method that changed my life, saved my voice and added 2 octaves to my range literally over night. Now, I know this sounds like I’m ’selling’ something so I have purposely left out any links for that reason.

Speech Level Singing or SLS has been used by trained professional vocalists to correct bad technique and improve range. Some names include, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Bett Midler, Marty Goetz, Cheri Keaggy, Morgan Cryar, Mark Kibble(Take 6), to name a few. (see more)

Go ahead and type Speech Level Singing into your search engine. Look for Seth Riggs, (the guy behind the technique) and Brett Manning, (great teacher and example of SLS)… You don’t have to go to them because they have brought their technique to you through books and other materials. I used a book with CD’s and spent under $50 with amazing results.

…. let me know if you have tried or decide to try SLS. I’m very interested to hear what results you have.

Singing stronger, higher and better than ever at 50 years old!!!

Cosima, I ran across Brett Manning’s site a few days before I found your site…. He is amazing.

True Story:
Just like you I experienced a 2 octave range increase overnight by using Brett’s technique. I haven’t even ordered the CD yet but did this by simply putting into practice the free tips that Brett has on his site. The crazy part is this was last night!

I woke up this morning and started singing to my wife I was so excited. She noticed the improvement as well.

…. I totally identify with your excitement. I was floored when I sang 2 octaves above my “normal” range. The exercises really do work and it doesn’t take years of tedious practice either.

Where did you find SLS cds and workbooks for less than $50? I am very interested in learning more about SLS. The curriculum I’ve seen out there cost more than $100.

…. check out Singing for The Stars. (this link gives a good look at what’s inside the book) It’s prepared by Seth Riggs and has been updated recently. It’s the book I used and still refer to it for tune-ups. I also encourage all my vocalists to use it. If you follow the simple program and keep up with it you should progress rapidly.

He does a great job of simplifying vocal mechanics and proper technique. The exercises on the CD’s might seem too fast at first but be persistant and allow your ear-voice coordination to adjust. Don’t force trying to be accurate with pitch at first. Just let your ears do their job. Accuracy will come. Also, the vocalists on the CD’s are more formally trained but that won’t matter. The exercises don’t train you to sing like that, they just help you to free up your voice. You’ll learn to sing with more ease through all your registers and your voice will be stronger but not more operatic. I actually used my piano more than the CD’s to do the exercises, except occasionally I used them while driving in my car. I mostly just listened to the CD’s for reference to be sure I was doing it right.

There are some bad reviews of this book. I’ve read most of them and agree that the book might seem like a big commercial and ego trip for Seth Riggs because he name drops and there are several recommendations by some of his students. Ok, so Seth Riggs wants you to believe the program works. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Besides, you can skip all that stuff and get right to the lessons. Other reviews seem to come from folks that are skeptical from the beginning. You know how it is. It’s kinda like salvation. If it seems too easy people don’t believe it. Especially if they believe you need to train with a pro for years to get similar results. Well, that said I guess the book isn’t for everybody.

Here’s a list of SLS Certified Teachers


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5 responses to “SLS, It Really Does Work!

  1. Cosima,
    Thanks for this link and all the help!

    “It’s kinda like salvation. If it seems too easy people don’t believe it.”

    This is a poignant truth and a great analogy.

  2. Terence Morris

    Some of the comments here are totally over the top. I use Brett’s CDs and they are excellent. I have been using them for about one year now. SLS can really change the way you sing, improving your tone and vocal range. But to say “literally overnight” is the kind of hype that anyone who is serious about singing would be put off by. It actually sounds fallacious and gives SLS a bad press. Even Bret Manning would probably cringe at reading that. The fact is that after a couple of weeks you will start to hear real changes in your singing voice, if you do the exercises regularly. This means daily or at least 3-4 times a week. After about six weeks I found I had added maybe half an octave to my voice. Now anyone who sings and knows their voice well will understand how big a change that is. A year later: On a good day I can cover 2 and a half octaves of what I call useful range – from bass to tenor, basically the whole male range. This is more than I had ever imagined I would achieve. Range isn’t everything of course. Also the tonality and agility increases. For me that means better vibrato, smoothing out of breaks and doing vocal runs and trill downs easily – something I never did well before. The results are so clear that it simply encourages persistence. These improvements continue more gradually thereafter, and you feel you are understanding how to use your vocal instrument properly for the first time. It’s a wonderful feeling and really builds confidence. And the learning never stops.

    So there you have my 5c – truly in the interests of balance! And well done Brett and Seth for helping us sound good!

    • Thank you, Terence, for your “5¢,” it was informative and what I like to call “real.” It’s obvious that you are genuine about your feelings regarding SLS and I appreciate your points greatly. Balance is such an important word here and certainly shouldn’t be disregarded. Of course, the overnight improvement discussed in the conversation above was strictly related to realizing 2 octaves that had been useless prior to SLS.

      For years I battled to sing in my upper range because I didn’t know how to get out of the way and let my vocal cords do their job so I avoided songs that would cause me to force my voice, or worse, I would force my voice and over years of abuse became fearful that permanent damage was inevitable. I was amazed when, while doing the first exercises, I sang right up into my head voice with ease and unlocked 2 octaves. That is not an exaggeration, just the facts. Then over the next several weeks, doing the exercises regularly, my tone and agility improved and I went from singing through those 2 octaves using the exercises to singing actual songs with greater ease and control. I’m still learning and improving little by little, just as you say, and look forward to what the future will reveal.

      Thanks again for the comment and God bless!

  3. Terence Morris

    Thanks for your clarification – I get it now. God bless!

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