The Jehovah Names (Titles) of God

Your view of God either is going to strengthen your faith or cause you uncertainty.

As a worship leader it has become more and more evident to me that you cannot worship The Lord if you do not know Him. Knowing Him is and should be the life long pursuit of every believer and the best way to get to know Him is to read and study what He has said about Himself.

Here’s a list I’ve compiled over the years of “Jehovah Names.” As you read and meditate on each one stop and allow His Spirit to show you how He has revealed each one to you personally.

  • Jehovah – The Lord
    Exodus 6:2,3
  • Adonai Jehovah – The Lord God
    Genesis 15:2
  • Jehovah Adon Kal Ha’arets – The Lord, the Lord of All the Earth
    Joshua 3:11
  • Jehovah Bara – The Lord Creator
    Isaiah 40:28
  • Jehovah Chezeq – The Lord My Strength
    Psalm 18:1
  • Jehovah Chereb – The Lord . . the Sword
    Deut. 33:29
  • Jehovah Eli – The Lord My God
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah Elyon – The Lord Most High
    Genesis 14:18
  • Jehovah ‘Ez-Lami – The Lord My Strength
    Psalm 28:7
  • Jehovah Gador Milchamah – The Lord Mighty in Battle
    Psalm 24:8
  • Jehovah Ganan – The Lord Our Defense
    Psalm 89:18
  • Jehovah Go’el – The Lord Thy Redeemer
    Isaiah 49:26; 60:16
  • Jehovah Hashopet – The Lord the Judge
    Judges 11:27
  • Jehovah Hoshe’ah – The Lord Save
    Psalm 20:9
  • Jehovah ‘Immeku – The Lord Is with you
    Judges 6:12
  • Jehovah ‘Izoz Hakaboth – The Lord Strong and Mighty
    Psalm 24:8
  • Jehovah Jireh – The Lord will Provide
    Genesis 22:14
  • Jehovah Kabodhi – The Lord My Glory
    Psalm 3:3
  • Jehovah Kanna – The Lord Whose Name is Jealous
    Exodus 34:14
  • Jehovah Keren-Yish’i – The Lord the Horn of My Salvation
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah Machsi – The Lord My Refuge
    Psalm 91:9
  • Jehovah Magen – The Lord, the Shield
    Deut. 33:29
  • Jehovah Ma’oz – The Lord . . . My Fortress
    Jeremiah 16:19
  • JehovahHamelech – The Lord the King
    Psalm 98:6
  • Jehovah Melech ‘Olam – The Lord King Forever
    Psalm 10:16
  • Jehovah Mephalti – The Lord My Deliverer
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah M’gaddishcem – The Lord Our Sanctifier
    Exodus 31:13
  • Jehovah Metsodhathi – The Lord. . . . My Fortress
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah Misqabbi – The Lord My High Tower
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah Naheh – The Lord that Smiteth
    Ezekiel 7:9
  • Jehovah Nissi – The Lord Our Banner
    Exodus 17:15
  • Jehovah ‘Ori – The Lord My Light
    Psalm 27:1
  • Jehovah Rapha – The Lord that Healeth
    Exodus 15:26
  • Jehovah Rohi – The Lord My Shepherd
    Psalm 23:1
  • Jehovah Saboath – The Lord of Hosts
    I Samuel 1:3
  • Jehovah Sel’i – The Lord My Rock
    Psalm 18:2
  • Jehovah Shalom – The Lord Our Peace
    Judges 6:24
  • Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is There
    Ezekiel 48:35
  • Jehovah Tiskenu – The Lord Our Righteousness
    Jeremiah 23:6
  • Jehovah Tsori – O Lord My Strength
    Psalm 19:14
  • Jehovah ‘Uzam – The Lord Their Strength
    Psalm 37:39
  • Jehovah Yasha – The Lord Thy Saviour
    Isaiah 49:26; 60:16

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  1. I have been making a study on the Names of G-d and I am amazed and confused at the differences that people have, some say 72, others 12, still others 10…which is correct?



  2. Great question, Suzanne! Honestly I haven’t yet found an end to His Names in Scripture. Since this is an on-going passion of mine I intend to discover each and every one, in His time. In the meantime, it is possible that the reason there are different conclusions is perhaps, that they base their lists on particulars like titles or Names of Jesus, Jehovah or God, etc.

    • the answer has been given and there is only one true name for GOD and he named hiself as it is written the end is in the beginning and the begining is in the end. O GOD if I go unto the pepole and tell them, you sent me to tell them a thing who shall I say told me said it {TELL THEM <<>> SENT U} I am he who is, who was, and is to come { <<< I AM THAT I AM. And thats all u really need my child.

  3. Thank you for the Jehovah names I’ve been wanting a list now for 5 or 6 years cz-ATL

  4. Well Praise God for a great job…its very good to know the different names of God and their meanings. Keep up the awesome job.

  5. Great Work – May the Lord Bless you big – Chris from Malindi Kenya

  6. i learnt at a very young age in ghana the 10 Names of God and i have never forgotten them evensince. God bless you dearly for the xtra names you have provided. cliff, USA

  7. This is so enlightening. I didn’t even know there was an official number of names for our Father. To me, so long as a cited name is supported by Scripture, it will do. Thanks and God bless you abundantly.

  8. Hello Alesi!

    Actually, I’m not even sure there is an official number of names for our Father. I’ve only listed the few that I’m familiar with.

    God bless you as you search His names in Scripture and learn of Him!

  9. I think that it is a priveledge to be able to call upon the Lord and to enter His presence with praise and thanksgiving.
    It is and honor to speak his name. The revelation of his various names brings joy and gratitude to my soul. Thank you and Bless you for your efforts! {motherofseven}

  10. I’ve been a christian (born again) for 8/9years now and some days ago, i realised i didn’t even remember the meanings of the names of God; Jehovah that i thot i knew.

    Thanks for clearly letting me know even more (WITH BACK-UP SCRIPTURES).

    God bless u & ures.

  11. may d blessings of d almighty fall mightily on u water,u wil be watered.Thus says d Lord.

  12. Thank you for the name list. may you continue to be a blessing. zimbabwe

  13. Wow! Simply Awesome, I’m excited and humbled in equal measure. I know just a few you have truely a great compilation. I will use it in my prayer time I’m sure to know him more though I know it is not me but Him doing the drawing.

  14. Wow wat a blessing may God continue to inspire you and to fill you with wisdom as you search the scriptures

  15. You gave me my first love for all the names of God. He is Mighty and worthy to be praised. I thank God and you. Blessing, Christy

    • Christy, it has been my joy over the past 12 years to introduce people to their God. Thank you for sharing here and reminding me how precious and eternal it is to share His beauty with others. It is my hope that you will carry the torch and pass on what you have learned. His Name is truly Wonderful!

  16. There is a Jehovah name for “God is My Breakthrough”
    I am trying to find the proper spelling of it.
    It sounds like Jehovah Parazism. Can you help me find the proper spelling? Thank You!

    • Here’s what I discovered:

      2 Samuel 5:20 So David came to Baal-perazim and defeated them there; and he said, “The LORD has broken through my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.” Therefore he named that place Baal-perazim.

      The LORD had worked on King David’s behalf and defeated the Philistines. This name for the Lord God reflects what King David said after what happened at Mt. Perazim. “The LORD has broken through (Jehovah Perazim) my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.”

      I have not, however, concluded whether this is an accurate translation of the original text. Putting Jehovah and Perazim together as in other Jehovah names in Scripture. As good Bereans, that will require some study on our parts to find whether these things are so…


  17. May Jehovah Shalom bless you mightily. I love the Lord and only want others to love Him even more than I do. Every thing we learn of Him just brings us closer to Him. Thank you for aiding in our closer walk.

    • Thank you, Johnnie Mae, and thanks for the prayer of blessing! May His Name be magnified and glorified in your life!

  18. Thank you for the Jehovah names and for sharing with others, I only knew a few. Reading through the names and meanings shows what an awesome God He is! Is there no Jehovah name which means the ‘Lord who sees”? I am not sure but I associate it with Hagar, Sarah’s maid when she said ‘You are the God who sees” in Gen 16 v13.
    Your research is great and may God continue to inspire you and reveal more of Himself to you.


  20. Wow!i never knew they were so many. this is awesome. thank you

  21. Thank You for the wonderful work. I have been searching for a long time to find God’s name and finally I found what I’ve been searching for through your website. God bless.

  22. Would like to receive your pamphlet ” The Jehovah Names of God”

    Ken Miller
    Celina, Tn

    • Hello Kenneth,

      What a joy to have you visit my blog and to know you were blessed reading the Jehovah Names of God. You were inquiring about the Jehovah Names Pamphlet. Actually, Kenneth, the pamphlet is not mine. You can visit and get it there or visit your local Christian book store and see if they carry it.

      God bless you!

  23. I don’t see Jehovah Hoseenu…there are so many and I am trying to learn them all, it’s just that there seems to be so many contradictions in the spelling of the names and that confuses me, but aside from that I am loving learning them. I now use them when I pray…it makes my prayer life so much richer to know that I can call God by these other names. Thanks and keep up the great job. God bless you in this ministry.

    • Thank’s Dee for the comment. It is a great joy to me to know that there are worshippers like you who desire to know their God as much as you do. Here’s a link to a wonderful resource that includes a description of your search for Hoseenu.. the Lord our Maker from Ps. 95:6.

      Blessings and… Enjoy!


  25. Please what it the Jehovah name of the Lord who avenges for me
    or the Lord my avenger?

    • Hi Nicholas,
      After some searching I have come up with this answer. JEHOVAH NAW-KAM’.
      Nahum 1:2 God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. KJV

      In the King James version we find the word “revengeth.” In other versions the word avenger is used in it’s place. According to the Strongs Concordance “number 05358” the word “revengeth” is naqam {naw-kam’} to avenge, take vengeance, revenge.
      I encourage you to study this further as I believe the context is very important here.

      I hope that helps! God bless your study in His Word with truth and light!

  26. This is good work, most the God of Host reward u, i knew they were many but could only remember very few with their meanings. Thanks for posting this.

  27. Thanks so much for this list. I have searched forever for a comprehensive list. Thanks

    • Your welcome! it is truly my pleasure. I love studying the names of God and sharing them with others. Enjoy!

  28. Hello shalom, i am proud of having people like you, a friend of mine told me that Allah in Islam have 99 names then i thought our God Jehovah must have meany names but know way to get this names until you came my way, i say thanks for enlightenment, From Ekong in Libya.

    • The Lord God has declared in Deuteronomy that those who seek the Lord will find Him. Keep seeking and you will discover the endless names that belong to our God! Blessings!

  29. This is awesome, a good number of the names am not even acquainted with. Jehovah indeed is his own interpreter; may his name be praised for ever and ever Amen.

    God bless u real good is my prayer- SKAY from Nigeria

  30. hmm… This is absolutly great. I love this & may God continue 2giv u wisdom & understanding of his word. God bless

  31. thank you and may the lord god be with you name is Joseph Adu from Ghana.

  32. Blessed be the Name Above All Names. I have known a few of these names, but never did I think that there were so many! I had taken a class where we went over the Names of Jehovah Elyon, but only about 15 of the many you have presented here. And yes, youa re right about the Names being used in songs for praise and worship. They help so much in expressing what we feel in words (though mightily inadequate) to Jehovah Mekaddishkem (The Lord Our Sanctifier).

    Just to put it out there, here are some other ones for those could ask:
    El Gmulot – The God of recompense Jeremiah 51:56
    El Olam – Everlasting God Isaiah 40:28
    and Jehovah Elohim is also the uni-plural, or God-head 3-in-1.

  33. I believe I have heard our Father also called the many breasted one……..Not sure.can you help………..Thanks

    • So Glad you stopped by here! I’ve heard that too, but it isn’t a Jehovah name you seek. Check out:

      “EL SHADDAI .. Almighty, All Sufficiency, the Breasted One. He meets all our needs. All Comsuming Judge, to sweep away or make desolate .. Gen 17:1; Ps91:1; 81:10” (ref:

      It seems that some have connected the correlation because of the word shadayim, the Hebrew word for “breasts.” It implies that God is all sufficient for our every need. Similar to the mother who nurses a child. A nursing child has no need of anything but his mother who supplies all he needs.

  34. Good morning, thanks for this comprehensive list of the names of our God; Jehovah. I have been searching for His names and only knew a few until this moment. May Jehoval El-Shaddai cause His Face to shine upon you and your lineage in Jesus name. Wunmi – London UK

  35. El-Ela-Elohim. The self existent one. There was a time before Gen 1:1 before he started creation. Before there was an atom. Before the stars and sun were made on high. He was not even God yet because God is an object of worship and there was none to worship Him. When God said let there be, it was now the realm of the spoken word. And a spoken word is a thought expressed. So im happy that before he made me I was in the back part of His mind and that if God lost me He would have lost His mind which can never happen.

    Thank you for a comprehensive analysis of the names of God. I’m writing a paper on the identity of the Father of lights called “A feeble attempt at describing Jehovah” since we can never say enough about Him if we were all full time writers and every blade of grass was a pen and the sky was paper and the ocean was ink. I have learnt a lot.

    Bride of Jesus Christ

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with the One True God, Jehovah! May you continue to find Him to be your all in all.

    • i am lifted by ur write-up,can i b having more of ur works about God?

  36. Very educating and impactful job well done.May Jehovah increase you in all wisdom and understanding.

  37. thank u 4 this v.timely help 4 a christian going thru a desert time n asking God to reveal Himself anew to me.God bless u!

  38. The names of God has done so many miraculous things.Thank God for the insight he gave you in writing out the meaning of his name from the bible.

  39. Sure, this a great work. I have been thinking about this for a very long time and did not get any clue. This morning while I was having my devotion, an idea dropped in my mind, search the web and Lo and Behold here they are, just as I wanted them. To add more icing on the cake, they came with scriptural references. GREAT WORK!!!

  40. Where do we get some of these names if they’re not specifically in the Bible. I’ve always heard names like Jehovah Roi or Jehovah Kaddesh, etc but where are these names in the Bible? Some are there but others are not.

    • Hello Jessica, I’m not quite sure I understand your question as I have listed scripture references for each name I’ve included in my list. Perphaps you are expecting to find the exact names such as Jehovah Kaddesh in your Bible, but these names have been translated in the texts into their meaning. If you are looking for the names in your Bible they are not there, rather, you will read a phrase like, “The Lord is my rock” or “The LORD, strong and mighty” or something to that affect. To find the Jehovah name or similar you will need to do your homework and look them up in resources like the Strongs Concordance or a good Bible Handbook.

      I hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to email me for further explanation on the finding of God’s names.

  41. hey this is very good ,knowing that there is a site where i can find the diffrent names of GOD.

  42. great!! Good job done. May de God who talented u dis knowledge bless n empower u more. But can i attach Jehovah’s name to the angels. Ex. Angel Uriel means God is my light. So can say jehovah uriel, God is my light?

    • After a bit of research I find that your Angel Uriel is not found in the Holy Scripture. (1) Therefore, I would not trust it’s validity and certainly would not use it in my list of names. We must be very careful in our study of God and keep the context, at all times, Biblical.


  43. i’m almost moved to tears at the beautiful names of our JEHOVAH.. I love him so much.. HE pulled my feet from the miry clay and set it upon the rock to stay.. GOD greatly bless and keep you and may we all see him face to face and reign with him till eternity..

  44. can you post another blog with other biblical names of GOD? ‘El’ names precisely.. I have a few of them..
    EL CHAI (HAI), THE LIVING GOD deut 5:25

    • Yes! that would be wonderful… perhaps sometime in the future as I grow in God’s grace to lead me into His Name.

  45. it will take a lifetime an even an eternity to know God..His wonder,love and mercies can never be fathomed..God in his word to MOses..I am who I am..tells us that God is everything in our lives..truly blessed by this compilation..its my first time to join or comment in an e-communnity of believers and christian discussion. I thank God for even technology can be used greatly to know Him more as well..Godbless..We shall be faithful to our calling..For God will be faithful to finish the work he began in us..wanna know the author of the names of God so i can purchase it..and make it a part of my quiet time especially deadhour in my work time.thanks;)

  46. Their are some names that are on ur list that I have never seen b4 how do u come about such names seeing that the names of jehovah is sacreed

    • Hello Kenneth! A great question! This is my best response.

      As you can see all the names I have listed are represented and quantified by scripture. I’ve also addressed this question in response to “Jessica’s earlier comment”.

      I research the names to be sure I have accurate information. The list I have here is a compilation of names and corresponding verses from various sources. I’m not a bible scholar and don’t “come about such names” on my own.

  47. Well this a great work u have done . I pray dat God wil continue 2 giv u more wisdom , understanding & strenght in jesus names.amen. Did know dat jesus is the lord,God almighty? 2 findout read revelation chpt 1v8 or for more inf Well it’s great.

  48. My God wil bless you real good. Thank you becos, i just discover more God’s names to worship and bless God better. Keep up the search. I love you

  49. Thank you so much for helping my soul find rest after a very long period in search of the meaning(s) of some Jehovah compound names.

    For Suzanne and others who may be confused about how many names there are, or what exactly His names mean, I want you to remember that Jehovah God is a God of orderliness and harmony. He is not associated with confusion. What you need know is no one can number His names or give an exhaustive meaning to all His names, because even the names we call Him just cannot be enough to appreciate/explain Him in His Fullness, Glory and Splendour. Don’t forget that the names He called Himself in the Bible matter, and they perfectly explain who He truly is. But there is this one name that all His other names are embedded in, “the I AM THAT I AM” meaning He is who He is, irrespective of who we say He is or how we choose to worship Him. Another important thing you need to know is that the Holy Spirit gives people the enabling grace to call God names according to what He has done for them. I think this explains why no one can exhaustively explain how many names there are, or what they all mean.

    It is my prayer that God will Bless us all in our different endeavours so we can call Him more befitting names.

    I thank God for the creator(s) of this blog and all those who left replies. Thank you and God Bless us all and the entire human race.

  50. GOD bless you for the good work you’re doing worldwide.This is what i’ve been looking for.There’s this one i heard, i’m not sure but sounds like ”Jehovah Ramfica” Do you know of that?

  51. It is an amazing thing you are doing. I’v been longing to know Gods names for a while now because i was told that God is a God of orderliness and He likes it when we are precise. Now i got to know about a few of His names but could not get scriptural backings for them nor could i get their correct spelling. please help me find them.
    sounds like this:
    Jehovah Esh-all consumming fire,
    Jehovah Shekina-king of glory.a
    Jehovah Ebenizer-my helper.
    Jehovah Elgibawn.

  52. God bless you so much for this spiritual insight..I am so much amazed to know the Great names of Jehovah….”Jehovah Immeku”

  53. Great work done by EL-ELYON through you. May Jehovah Jireh provide ‘abundance’ for you and yours. You have really blessed my spirit, for I’ve searched for Jehovah’s names for some time now. YAHWEH YIREH bless you!

  54. Honour and Glory to our God who liveth forever in Jesus’ name. It is very important to know your God and address your situation accordingly. Elijah knew that God is a consuming fire and called unto to Him, for He came down and consumed his sacrifise. Jehovah Rapha healed my son after he was ill for than 5weeks with protruding ructum. Rapha- health shall overtake you. Thanks to the Alpha n Omega.

  55. Thanks for the list of the names of most high god. They are informative and comforting to know who god is who believe in him. Praise god for all your efforts . God bless you and enrich your knowledge to enjoy his fellowship

  56. This is what I have been searching for a long time. Thanks for this opportunity. Wanting to read more from your article

  57. I appreciate your good work. But looking through the references, most of these names are not written there. Are some of these names coined from Hebrew language or what? Need more insight please

    • Hi Vic,
      Thanks for visiting here. I appreciate your desire to follow up on the verses listed with each Jehovah Name. Please understand that most of our Bible translations don’t show them in the Hebrew but instead have translated them. There are Bible translations, however, that show Hebrew names in their place within the English translation to help us better see and study our great and mighty God. You can have a look at the Blue Letter Bible and check out their Hebrew Names Version (HNV) in the “version” drop menu.
      God bless you on your adventures in seeking your Jehovah God.

  58. Am realy impress for seeing one name. JEHOVAH MEPHALTI The LORD my Deliverer (My Rescue). Thanks.

  59. pls. i need the name for mysterious. For he is a mysterious GOD to me.

    • Hello Kelechi,
      Thanks for the question. I have found no name for Jehovah that links directly to the word “mysterious.” Perhaps ether is someone out there who would like to share what they have learned.

  60. Thank you for the awesome information,God bless you

  61. This is really good,you have done an amazing research but there is more to God’s name, thank you

  62. This is great,wow..keep going on and understanding God because it builds your faith

  63. Great job! I sincerely thank those that have uniquely and comprehensively put together the Jehovah names of God. Indeed, I am happy and blessed since it is what I have been searching for. I strongly believe that there is power in those names, and God also responds according to the name(s) we call Him at every point in time, hence, knowing His numerous names become necessary. I am very happy; I have written down all the names, and hope to absorb them into my memory in just some hours because of my quest for it. God bless you!
    Matthew iduh from Nigeria.

  64. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. May God elevate your spirit. May the HolySpirit bears witness with your spirit. Jesus loves you. Thanks

  65. Thank guys for the wonderful work, It is amazing I have never thought such great names of God exist in the Bible. I have wrote some down to keep revicing.

  66. I recently did a study of the compound names of God for a sermon series and stopped at 12 names, though I skipped the ones in Psalms and I didn’t use the Judges 11:27 because I didn’t see a story about the name itself to preach on. My list included some of yours and cited others you don’t mention. One question, though in Isaiah 46:28 & 60:16 you list Jehovah yasha, isn’t it Jehovah moshiekh?

    • Thank you, David, for taking the time to visit here and leave a comment. I appreciate that you have very obviously “done your homework”. I had another look at Jehovah Yasha and came to the same conclusion. According to my Strong’s Concordance, the reference number for Saviour in Isaiah 46:28 & and 60:16 is the same; 03467 yasha`{yaw-shah’}. But I have discovered, as a result of your question, that there are numerous references siting the same verses using Jehovah Moshiekh. Does this mean one is wrong? Not at all. Actually, I’ve seen this occur in regards to other compound names of God. My research led me to believe that there are different words for the same name. One reason is that there may be two dialects, as it were. The orthodox Jew, it seems, has used a different word than that of my usual sources, such as the Strong’s Concordance, more than once. I must apologize at this point for not being able to site my other references to support this. It seems I’ve misplaced them. :-/ Remodeling my office has left things out of their usual place. Hopefully I will be able to follow up in the future with those sources.

      Thanks again and may the LORD bless you abundantly!

  67. Thanks for contributing to the conversation on this topic…


  69. Thank for all these additional names of The Almighty God, it is a blessing.


  70. im a person always wanting to know God more and more at all times. How can i increase my knowledge toward knowing and feeling his presence… Im just a teen at the age of 16

    • Hi Leona, I’m so very blessed to see you have a deep desire to draw near to God and know His presence increasingly. Let me just say that those who have a sincere desire to draw near to God will surely experience His presence as He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, Heb 11:6, and He promises to draw near to those who will draw near to Him, James 4:8. Jesus Himself prayed that we would know “the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He sent”, John 17:3. This word “know” here in John is the Greek word ginosko and implies deep intimacy with God; not just knowledge of Him but personal, intimate relationship… His presence in our lives.
      Leona, the more you seek Him through the study of His Word and in prayer the more you will know His presence! Let me encourage you to read very carefully and deliberately John chapter 14. Jesus encourages His disciples to believe in Him, trust His Word and expect the Father to send them the Holy Spirit to be with them just as Jesus was with them. Jesus is telling them that they won’t be left orphans when He goes to the Father because He will send them the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to with be with them and in them and upon them.
      When you’ve read through the chapter allow the Lord to lead you through the Scriptures further and listen for His voice. He will meet you!!!!

      I hope my words will be an encouragement to you! God bless!!

  71. am very much thankiful for these name wich hav found in this web.

  72. Kindly provide the meaning of the below mentioned names for our Lord:
    – Jehovah Baah
    – Jehovah Jirajah
    – Jehovah Fah
    – Jehovah Has
    – Jehovah Harabi

    Thank you

    • Hello and thank you for visiting Your search for the 5 names you’ve listed has me wondering if your are from outside the USA. The second name, Jehovah Jirajah sounds like a name I have already listed, Jehovah Jirah. And the other names you have asked about may also be derivatives of some of the names I’ve already listed. Please take the time to read through the complete list and see if they are perhaps already there. If not, it may be that I have not yet discovered these names within the pages of scripture. May the Lord bless you as you seek for Him by name!


  74. Yes are you a Jehovah Witness and if so and if not why don’t they use all of his names and the meaning of same ; are the founder meaning what made you come to hear and find out about his name and meaning and present it to others, which is amazing because I didn’t read or hear about Charles T. Russel using these names (was once a Servant of Jehovah witnesses and was amazed and curious about him having many names and never heard until now. I will like to know more and get to know him, Also how to pray to him and hoping he will hear my prayers upon seeking him and knowing that he is the true god and where to worship him at to find him and being in his presence of worship (is that the kingdom hall) becasue I only heard some of these names from the church (preachers) I truly want to know if this is true and that he will lead me in the right path for my salvation and answer my prayers. Bernette is my name, You have in a marvelous way did some research, just curious how you found out about him and still researching an is there more, is he the true god as mentioned in Ps. 83:18 and if you are not a Jehovah witness, who are you and how did you or what made you want to know about the most high god.

  75. Hello. I highly disagree. Gods name is Jehovah. And Jehovah does not mean Lord. Adonai means Lord. That’s like saying Chris=Man. Makes no sense. And he has no other name than Jehovah. God, Lord are all titles. Plus that long list of names you gave are not names. For example when Abraham went to sacrifice Issac here’s what is says wt Genesis 22:14 “14 And Abraham named that place Je·hoʹvah-jiʹreh. This is why it is still said today: “In the mountain of Jehovah it will be provided.” The PLACE was called Jehovah-Jireh. Not God.

    Genesis 17:15- “15 Then Moses built an altar and named it Je·hoʹvah-nisʹsi,”

    The ALTAR is named Jehovah-nissi. Not God.

    The list goes on.
    Gods name is Jehovah not those name titles like the rest of them are.

    • Hello Chris,
      I appreciate your courage to test the general population of Christians who would disagree with you. You make a very good point and I stand with you to a certain extent. I suppose there are so many that have become accustomed to the common practice of stating these descriptions are God’s names that we don’t think twice about the very specifics you’ve laid out here.
      On the other hand, it’s important to point out that, in most cases, these are descriptions given to God by men and women not by God Himself, and these descriptions, as you indicated, are not directly given to God in all cases but are given to places and objects such as valleys or altars.
      It’s also interesting to me how the characters in biblical times commonly named places after what occurred there. This practice was a way of remembering or memorializing an important aspect of history so that others would ask, “what happened here?” A way of recording history or in regard to God encounters recording His Story.
      Did those who recorded the events attribute the name to the object or to the One whom they were memorializing? The place or object was in and of itself just a place, just an object; a pile of rocks, a well, a valley.

      Keeping in mind that it was man describing The Almighty your point is well taken. Still, it’s important to point out that in each case a characteristic of The Living One was being exhalted for the purpose of declaring His glory. Chris, I’ll give you this to chew on: “Then she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees; for she said, “Have I also here seen Him who sees me?” Therefore the well was called Beer Lahai Roi; observe, it is between Kadesh and Bered.” Genesis 16:13, 14, NKJV.

      Rearding your statement, “God’s name is Jehovah,” I would offer a similar response as yours to my post. Is God’s name really Jehovah? or is this a name man has derived over the centuries? I’ll let you do the research on that. I will state this, however, in the Old Testament Yahweh (Variant spellings: YHWH, Jehovah ) occurs 6,519 times. Yahweh is the first introduction we have to God in Gen 2:4, an introduction, by the way, by a man. It was not God introducing Himself to man.
      I’ll stop there… My point is, we could go on and on regarding this subject. There have been volumes of books written by men and women that eloquently and not so eloquently lay out the thoughts and research of those that have gone before us. Me, I’m just a worship leader, recording my gleanings, as non-educated as they are. Another worshipper who’s efforts to discover all of JHWH I can, sharing my findings along the way. I will call Him Jehovah as recorded in the inerrant volume of the Scirptures. I will, like King David call Him by many names because there is no end to who He is. Will there be those who disagree with me, yes, but that’s ok because Jehovah’Ori will lead me into His Truth.

  76. As am reading these name of God, the spirit of God came upon me at the same time, glory be to God who answer the name of favor, name of deliverance, name strength, name of glory, name of everlasting light which can ever dark forever, but any man who seek of these name bless be to him

  77. Thank God..I have finally found the names..God bless this work and ministry..

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