How do you define worship?

There are probably as many definitions of “worship” within the Church as there are churches.  By that I mean to say that the worship experience differs in presentation and execution as much as churches differ.  From the traditional to the contemporary and back worshipleaders are pursuing the perfect worship experience for their congregations.  I recently came across a video I’ve seen before but had to stop and watch one more time.  It’s a good reminder for all worshipleaders to keep perspective on our role as leaders and as worshippers. 


  1. Good call. I’m not a huge fan of “defining” worship. Scripture tends to describe worship more than give it definitions. Sometimes our definitions are helpful and sometimes they just box in something that is bigger and broader than we can conceive.

  2. Hello Billy,
    I have to agree with you on all points. Well said and so true. Thank you for the insight.

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