One Worship Leader’s Gear

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When I was just starting out, as a full-time worship leader, about 10 years ago, I wondered what kind of gear other worship leaders were using.  I’d go to conferences and ask lots of questions.  I’d stay after the sessions and snoop around the stage and I’d go to the local music store and try out this and that.  

Not being an experienced gear girl I was a bit overwhelmed at all the stomp boxes and other goodies out there but I did find some basic gear that suited my needs as an acoustic guitar player.  

I decided to put it down in this post for those of you who venture onto this blog looking for gear for worship leaders so here’s the scoop.  This is not a review of the gear nor is it an exhaustive description, but I hope this post will help some of you in your quest for just the right gear in your arsenal.

First of all and most important, a worship guitarist can’t be excellent for God without a tuner.  The tuner I recommend is the Boss TU-2.  This chromatic tuner is a kick and because it’s part of your gear board you can tune at any time since the Mute/Bypass is great for silent tuning.  A nice advantage when you want to tune during a set or even during a song while the rest of the band continues to play.




Next in my string is the Line-6 DL4.  This stomp box contains 16 models based on legendary echo and delay boxes from the Maestro EP-1 Echoplex to the T.C. Electron 2290.  I use it mostly digital delay and for the loop sampler which I use for a few songs.  I just play a chord progression into the sampler and it will play back a continuous loop making it nice to “play over” a lead or another chord harmonic.   A big help when you lead alone and want to add some depth to your sound.  We’ve also used it for vocals.




Finally, the Boss DD-6.  This Digital delay rounds out the sound so it doesn’t sound so sterile.  I usually keep it at the same setting since I’m not into a lot of effects.





Well, that’s the basic string I use.  Nothing fancy, just enough to enhance what I do without drawing a lot of attention to my guitar.  Which works fine for me since I usually play alone.

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