Double Strum made easy…

Ya, Shane Bernard makes the double strum look so easy in the video he leans over and chats with Shane Elliot like double strumming is in his bones … enjoy.By the way, I’m still looking for someone who can really teach this strum simply and get it across to us less fortunate guitar players.

Here’s the shanes definition of the double strum from one of my earlier posts.
”double strumming” is a simple (not easy) technique of strumming twice as fast as the normal strum pattern of the song. Usually used in a short burst kinda like a fill on the drum set. For example if you were strumming at eighth notes 1 & 2 & 3 & but for the forth beat you took 4 e & a in your strumming, then that would be a double strum.


Strumming Sensations is a collection of different strumming styles for you to play along to.  It will improve your strumming and rhythm as well as provide you with a stack of new combination and riff ideas when you next jam with your friends or on stage.  With a combination of rock, blues and funk arranged from beginner to advanced, you’ll no longer struggle with strumming and be able to pick up the pattern of almost any song in no time.  Within seconds of signing up users receive their log in details to get started right away.


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3 responses to “Double Strum made easy…

  1. I love them…I can do the double strum…teach it…yikes…It works best in the slower tempo songs and I basically just strum double the beat.

  2. Great advice Joel, start with slower tempo songs and strum double the beat. Since you cant really see with your eyes the double strum in real time I wonder how it looks in a slower tempo song. 🙂 Ever thought of doing a quick “teach it” video….

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    How about a little Shane and Shane reblog from January 2008? This is one of the “top hit” pages here at Worship1. Ya, they are that good. Sit back and worship just for a few minutes and then tackle the rest of your day. Enjoy!

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