Singing Lessons OnLine

If your interested in improving your vocal technique and overcoming some vocal road-blocks check out Singing Success Online’s video lessons.

Here’s a video clip of an actual online video lesson.

“What is Singing Success Online?”

“Singing Success Online is a subscription based online video delivery platform designed to provide downloadable and streaming videos of Brett Manning (and other associates) teaching a wide variety of singers. In other words, film of Brett teaching a voice lesson every week gets uploaded to be available to all subscribers. The philosophy behind this service is based on an age old concept of vicarious learning or learning by observation.”

Check out the most cutting-edge vocal training program on the internet! and get answers to questions like:

    Why would I want to watch other people’s voice lessons?
    What concepts will I learn?
    How many lessons are posted a month?
    What type of internet connection will I need?
    What does Singing Success Online cost?

Here are some of the concepts you will learn:

  • How to safely ‘belt’ out those high notes using a stronger mix.
  • Achieve the vocal stamina and consistency of the veteran professional.
  • Learn the secrets of making the vocal “real” in a live performance. Every time.
  • How to use your air efficiently to provide support for the techniques you learned in the Singing Success program.
  • How to know if you are truly in your mix. There are many types of mix and you will hear them all on this site.
  • Truly understand the similarities and differences between your head voice and falsetto.
  • How to master the whistle register and actually use it practically in your singing.
  • Learn to balance the pressure and edge you need to sing those high notes in a real song.
  • Learn how to better apply the techniques you learned in your Singing Success Program.
  • Learn how to have TRUE (seemless) connection from chest to head.
  • Of course this list nowhere near exhaustive but I tried to hit the high points. I believe these things are very difficult to learn by any other means.

    Also, for Brett Manning’s Singing Success DVD/CD Course be sure to visit

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