Seeking to be remarkable or Seeking The Remarkable.

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A while back a discussion on Billy’s blog introduced the words of Seth Godin into the worship leader scenario. The topic was on being remarkable.

I’ve considered the conversation on more than one occasion and decided to post my comment on the subject (edited for this post) for all my friends out there who have ever pondered similar thoughts. To read what started it all visit

Remarkable… That’s a worthy aspiration, isn’t it? Godin’s got great advice for the business world, but should we worship leaders take his secular views and apply them to how we should lead a ministry? Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth …

Obviously, leading a worship ministry is different from leading a business. Worship is not a human experience in and of itself. It’s spiritual, an exchange between man and creator. That’s what makes it so remarkable!

Our part is to do our best as worship leaders to prepare acceptable offerings(Gen.4:3-7 and Lev. 10:1), without blemish(Eph.5:27), and to choose the better thing(Luke 10:41-42). The remarkable enters in when God meets his people in the process and they “see Him” and are touched, changed, moved by His very presence to respond and to fulfill their calling to worship Him and offer themselves a living sacrifice(Is.6:1-9; Romans 12:1).

So, should we seek to be remarkable?.. yes and no.
No: Because, if we if look to do things in a way that they are worth remarking on by seeking to be remarkable, then we are in danger of just being entertainers.

Yes: Because, if we look to do things in a way that they are worth remarking on by seeking to please God in our offerings of worship then, “remarkable” is inevitable because God shows up. So in reality, our goal is not “the remarkable,” our goal is meeting with God.

After all is said and done I would rather that people are compelled to talk about how God met with them during the course of a service than hear them talk about how exceptional the worship teams “execution” was that morning. He must increase while I must decrease(John 3:30).

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