Good diction and higher learning…

As a small child I remember saying the pledge, right hand over my heart and words all run together. I had no concept of what I was saying even though I knew it somehow had to do with how important it was to be an American. Still, those great words eluded me as I formed the sounds without understanding.

Leading songs in a worship service can be a similar experience. We sing songs that speak a language that eludes many with words like righteousness, atonement and sacrifice. This is a common language to those who have understanding but to those who lack understanding it can be a little daunting, especially among children as the following video reveals.

This sweet girl is singing her little heart out but lacks understanding and has probably missed the proper pronunciation of the words in the song because her source might not be singing the words clearly. I know that I have often heard worship leaders singing styles that cause the listener to cringe because they can’t understand what the singer is saying.

We have a responsibility before the Lord to sing with clarity.
Open our mouths and pronounciate, not sacrificing *diction for style.
Lead with understanding and take the time to teach the song.

An after thought…

There is another lesson here that I won’t expound on at this time except to point out that we as children of God are not very unlike this little girl trying to “speak” the language of heaven but often miss it for lack of knowledge.

Your turn to talk back…

    *vocal expression : pronunciation and enunciation of words in singing

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