Has practice become our worship?

When our worship team comes together to prepare songs for a service is our heart far from God? Do the words of the songs have meaning or are they just sounds and notes that must be perfected for the hearers? Is the song list prepared with prayer? Are the musicians playing to God or just trying to get it right?

Worship practice can be a very stressful time for the worship team and often the worst of us is exposed as we work at the timing, progressions, vocals etc. of new and old songs alike. We often find ourselves frustrated with ourselves and with one another wondering if we really belong on the team and if God’s calling is really upon us.

I truly believe the problem is that our worship is out of focus. That we are no longer worshiping but are caught up in practicing which results in performance. Being concerned with the art above the heart.

Has worship become our practice?

Our daily lives are an expression of our faith toward God. The closer we are to Him the more our faith is expressed in our service causing our faith to be strengthened, developing a life of worship. This life of worship is extended into everything we do including our ministry. If we are walking a life of worship then our art is an extension of our heart and we find that the music has meaning whether it is new and we haven’t perfected it in our minds or we’ve played it a hundred times. Our practice time has become more meaningful as we focus on our Lord and off the perfecting of the music.

This does not mean that we do not try our best, on the contrary, we find that we apply all our skill and try even harder but the striving has been removed as self is laid aside and God is in full view of the worshiper. Worship has become a practice, our lifestyle, our conversation, our mind set, our heart.

When we find ourselves stressed during rehearsal it’s time to check our hearts and take a moment to focus on the object of our worship, God the Father, setting our hearts on Him and off the art. In so doing our worship will be in Spirit and in truth making a place for God’s Holy Spirit to inhabit our praises whereby He will be glorified beyond our expectations. Jn. 4:19-24 Ps. 22:3

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