Singing Question of the Week: Can I improve my tone quality?

There are a lot of worship leaders that really care about their vocal instrument. (If you haven’t already had a chance, read an e-conversation on how I overcame vocal damage and can sing better, longer and higher today than I did when I was “in my prime.”)    How we use our voice can mean the difference between a long lived vocal ministry or a short one.  Here’s a tidbit from Brett Manning on tone quality.


Q.  Can I really improve my tone quality?

A.  “Tone quality improves when the correct musculature is engaged in the singing process. Feel underneath your chin with your forefinger and slide it inwards to the point where your neck meets the muscles under your chin.  Now swallow.  Notice how your larynx (Adam’s apple) raises up and the muscles under your chin tighten up as you swallow?  These muscles that are engaged in the swallowing process are opposed to those engaged in the singing process.  The use of these muscles while singing creates a myriad of problems that can take years to correct if left unchecked.  For good tone quality, you must learn to sing without the outer muscles of the larynx.  Doing so will set free your natural voice, drastically improving tone quality and ease of use.  Naturally, the Singing Success program contains techniques that will help you do this.”



If your voice is tired after a worship set and you feel like this is a question you might ask, or you are interested in improving your vocal tone and want to get some great vocal instruction, read more about Singing Success and Brett Manning.

Thanks Brett, for all you do to give us the tools to find our own Singing Success!


Permission to print by Brett Manning and


  1. Hi! my name is Tyrice and i have a tenor voice and have great control over my voice far as staying on pitch and in tune and on key but i can feel it i have a voice with in me that i just can not get out i like to hit high notes like in the range of micheal jackson and i can feel it i have it in me i just can get the notes out naturally and clearly its like theres something blocking my throat or vocal chords from freely singing high note but i know and can feel that i can do it and also my tone quailty is bad i have been straining singing along with songs turned up very loud hiting high notes trying to improve my voice i would say for almost six months now i can see a little change but the tone quailty is getting bad and i’m looseing my drive with fustration for lack of results please help.

    • Greetings Tyrice and thanks for stopping by
      It sounds like you have a very common problem but without actually hearing you it would be unwise for me to give you advise except to tell you that you really need some outside help. Which, obviously, you already know.
      Let me do this for you… Dont give up!! Visit this link, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Find the link for “Find Us On YouTube” and take the time to watch their videos that best seem to address your problems. Perhaps you can help yourself.
      My other advise… If you are unable to find a local instructor and get some professional lessons then at least see if there is a way you can purchase the Singing Success Program. I know it sounds like a sales pitch but I truly believe in it and have personally experienced great results from Brett Mannings techniques.

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