Worship Leader on a Mission


I was talking with some folks tonite after service about being in the mission field.  Our discussion included some stories about spiritual warfare and oppression.  The enemy works you overtime when you are on his territory.

I’ve done a few mission trips in my years of ministry.  My first over-seas was China.  Wow, what an experience.  Before that I’d gone to Mexico and some local stuff.  Since then, Japan on several occasions and in between those my husband, two daughters and I did a year there.  I loved the people, the culture and the intensity of the mission field.  We really have it easy here in the US.  Yes, our enemy seeks to devour us but, honestly, it’s nothing like what I experienced in Japan.

On March 21 my husband and I will be traveling to Sri Lanka, returning to the US on April 3.  Rob Douglass and his family who are serving at Calvary Chapel Colombo have invited us to come and minister.  I’m so honored to be able to teach on worship at the Calvary Chapel Bible College there as well as minister to the women on Serving as Women.  My husband will teach Inductive Bible Study with Dan Finfrock of Intensive Care Ministries.

It would be a great blessing to me if I could have a few of you praying for this trip.  The national Christians are hungry for the Word and I feel a deep responsibility to be well prepared and represent Christ as best as possible, but to the enemy, “This means war!”

Please, leave me a comment to let me know you will partner with me for this trip.  I’ll be posting updates and more info periodically.

Thank you and God bless!




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