What Makes a Singer Confident Their Voice Will “Perform” Every Time?


I hear it all the time.  Someone sings on a worship team in their church and they want to improve their technique or they are thinking about quitting because “it hurts to sing.”  They feel like they have no real control over their voice and singing is stressful and, frankly for some, just no fun.

I sympathize with these people because more than 15 years ago that was me.  I had vocal fatigue after singing on Sundays and by Monday I was ready to quit.  My technique was not getting me any closer to improving the problem and I knew it.  

I went to a vocal coach only to be disappointed by their lack of sincerity in wanting to really help me with the problems I faced and I walked away from the lesson no better off than I was when I arrived.  A pure waste of my $$ and time not to mention I felt very discouraged.

Maybe that’s you.  Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “Girl, you are telling my story!”

I’m here to tell you that there is help!!

Help for me came when I met a girl that had great singing technique and asked you how she found her voice.  She hooked me up with Speech Level Singing (Seth Riggs) and it changed my singing forever.  Yes, there is help for you!

If you cant go to a good coach you can do something about it.  There are some good Speech Level Singing Coaches out there and Brett Manning is one of them.  Hop over to SingingSuccess.com and take a peek at the free video tips and other information.  I promise you, this is not a gimmick sales pitch.  The Singing Success Program really does work and you really can learn to sing better and higher with ease and control right in your own home or car or anywhere you can play a CD or MP3.

Now, I wish you would come to me and let me be your vocal coach but let me tell you, you can get Brett Manning, a 5 Star Speech Level Singing Vocal Coach, anywhere and anytime with the program.  I used Singing Success and recommend it to all our vocalists at Calvary Chapel Perris Valley.  It works that good!

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