Practice Makes Perfect?


It occurred to me the other day that it is very common for some vocal students to skip the necessary daily practice routine prescribed. Frankly, this is a difficult thing for me to accept since my days are filled with vocalizing to practice. After all,… If a student wants to make any serious progress they will need to get serious about their craft.

Communicating the need to practice is certainly not lacking as the dutiful teacher regularly reminds said students, by email and during lesson times, how and how much to practice. Still the reminders go unheeded, for the most part, and the result has been evidenced by a lack of noticeable progress in the student.

All that said, I ask myself, “Why?”

Why don’t most voice students practice?

Perhaps there is something in the communication on the teacher’s part that has not given the student enough reason to make the commitment. On the other hand man is lazy by nature, and prefers to indulge the flesh, and practicing is not always the most enjoyable thing to do .. unless of course the student is making significant progress and is experiencing some victories over bad vocal habits. That’s when practice becomes less work and more, as the singer experiences breakthroughs toward pure vocal freedom and the mastery of their instrument, fun.

The voice is not completely subject to the law that practice makes perfect. The interesting thing is the vocal student will find that, given the necessary talents, the student of the guitar may count with certainty on acquiring the mastery of this instrument. But for the vocal student this is not necessarily true.

Now, let me just say that there are many cases in which practice in singing does not bring about technical perfection. Just singing through technical exercises is not enough; it is crucial that the exercises be sung with specific correct vocal technique and through a series of specific voice productions that build upon one another with the intent to strengthen and clarify the voice.

So, if the student was to make the effort and practice, there is a specific way to handle the voice in the process. If the voice is exercised in this way, it will improve steadily as the result of practice. Progress will continue until perfect technical control of the voice is acquired. But if the student fails to hit upon this particular way of handling the voice in practice the voice will improve little, or not at all. In such a case perfect vocal technique will never be acquired, no matter how many years the practice may continue. Hence the need for an instructor. But the one without the other will, inevitably, lead to no progress at all.

Finally, let me come full circle and say this, . . . A singer sings, when practicing like the guitarist who picks up the instrument to play, through a series of exercises emphasizing good technique with the goal of accomplishing freedom and perfect mastery of his instrument.

So let me ask you this,…

Have you practiced today?

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