Tips for Better Barre Chords

One way to get those chord progressions to sound fabulous is by making sure you are optimizing your hand position. Here’s a video that teaches you some quick tips for making barre chords ring true.

Elmore Music has some great videos that can get you playing in no time. Check out their 6 Free Beginning Lessons and have a look around their site for more great guitar playing instruction.

So if a guitar player starts to play one of these hit songs, what enables other people to figure out which song it is before the singing starts?


A song like Sweet Home Alabama for instance, is just plain old D, C and G chords…

But it is the WAY those chords are played that makes that iconic song instantly recognizable by anyone in the room.

Strumming makes a HUGE difference.  Check out this video for more instruction on strumming.

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January 31, 2013 · 3:32 PM

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