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I recently got a call from Ric Flauding, one of the musicians without whom my CD would not have been possible. Ric composes, orchestrates, arranges and plays guitar beautifully. His knowledge and experience far exceed my own. And in the few hours that I’ve spent with him and his wife Denise I’ve grown as a musician and person, and come to truly appreciate them as friends and fellow worshippers.

Anyways, Ric calls me the other day about an article he was writting on the capo. We had a great conversation about using capo’s and about one of my pet peeves- offering our best to God as musicians. I’ve said it on my blog before, “If we are created in the image of God and He is the creator of the universe, then why does the christian music scene seem to be following behind the secular?” And, “I wonder what the great writers of the music of the church like, Handel, Vivaldi, Mendellsonn, Bach and others would have to say about the quality of some of the music we call great.” (ok, so that’s another post)

So, as I said we had a great conversation. Ultimately, we talked about capos and the article. To read what Ric has to say visit It’s informative and covers some very good, very practical instruction.

Get a cut capo here.

The Transpo.. What?

Here’s a new capo that just came to my attention via a comment. (Thanks Greg!) Check out the Transpo-Capo. This new capo eliminates the two-capo dilema. Moving capos around between songs can make for dead space if you’re playing without a keyboard or additional guitar to keep things flowing. And, worship flow is something we work hard at, dont we? Continue reading

Worship Together Cut Capo Training DVD


If you are a guitar player looking for cut capo instruction then click over to Bo’s Capos¬†and check this cut capo training DVD.

“Learn how to play 10 of today’s top modern worship songs using the innovative “Cut-Capo” method. Cut-Capo innovator, designer and instructor, Mitch Bohannon first gives in depth instruction on how to use the Cut-Capo, and then shows you how to play each song, including close-up video of finger placements. Whether it’s your first time using the Cut-Capo or you simply want to learn these great songs with an easy alternate tuning, the Cut-Capo Guitar Course is the resource for you.

Songs Include: Blessed Be Your Name, Everlasting God, Hosanna (Praise Is Rising), How Deep The Father’s Love For Us, How Great Is Our God, In Christ Alone, Nothing But The Blood, O Praise Him, Unchanging and Your Grace Is Enough.

Instructions Include: Introduction to the Cut Capo, Cut Capo Basics, Tune Your Guitar, Standard Cut Capo Chords, Playing in Different Keys, Hammering and Strumming Techniques.”

More Instruction

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Cosima’s Latest Worship Binge


While searching for information on the web for cut or short capo tuning I came across a web site that made an impression on me. What impressed me? Well, the music or should I say the musicians and their obvious gifts and love for the Lord who gave them those gifts.

When you arrive at the first thing you notice is the visual content but after a few moments your senses are (if your sound is up) filled with the sound of guitars and two voices blending and moving together so well you almost can’t tell that these are two different guys, not brothers by the way. It seems like everyone askes them that question.

Blending is at the top of my list of what makes good musicians and Shane Barnard and Shane Everett, play and sing so blended that I was immediately touched by the sounds I heard. Then I heard the contents of the songs, (lyrics like, “there is power in the blood – there is victory in Jesus – help me glory in the cross – help me find my gain in loss). and I was hooked! I went right over to my iTunes application and purchased and burned two of their CD’s, Upstairs and Carry Away.

I haven’t stopped listening! I just keep putting these CD’s on ‘repeat’ and listen over and over. I even took my walkman with me on a two week vacation so I could keep listening. I’ve also started to use the song, Chapter One in our worship sets. After listening to the Shanes I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to improve my guitar finesse. Wow! these guys can play. They’ve got this *double strumming thing going on and it really puts a new dynamic into the songs. is underconstruction due to technical difficulties but their front page still automatically plays their stuff. Check out their website and give a listen.

Also, you can go to Scott Cogan’s site (an admirer of Shane and Shane) for more info, lyrics, mp3’s, concerts calendar and more. The ONLY concert date scheduled for California is 10-4-’04 in Modesto. Check out their calendar @:

Still listening,


*”double strumming” is a simple (not easy) technique of strumming twice as fast as the normal strum pattern of the song. Usually used in a short burst kinda like a fill on the drum set. For example if you were strumming at eighth notes 1 & 2 & 3 & but for the forth beat you took 4 e & a in your strumming, then that would be a double strum.