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Travel with your Taylor? Think Twice or Get Insured.

Just in case you’re planning to take your Taylor on tour or on vacation be sure you know the airline policies and are confident your guitar is in safe hands or then again, get insurance.

The following video and story are based on a very true, very real experience by Dave Carroll and the Sons of Maxwell. Thanks guys for making it clear!

– In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my [Dave Carroll] Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. I discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged.Read Full Story

Have you traveled with your instruments?
~Did your instrument get special treatment? (mine usually does)
~Were you treated like you were a celeb?
~Can you relate to Dave Carroll?
Leave a comment and tell me how things went.

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Ebow update

Hey everyone!  Greetings and grace to you all. 

It seems that I had several dead links on my ebow post so if you stopped by and were misled into the great www void have another look at “Using The Ebow.”

Sorry for the inconvenience and happy ebowing…. 🙂

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More Capo Info

I recently got a call from Ric Flauding, one of the musicians without whom my CD would not have been possible. Ric composes, orchestrates, arranges and plays guitar beautifully. His knowledge and experience far exceed my own. And in the few hours that I’ve spent with him and his wife Denise I’ve grown as a musician and person, and come to truly appreciate them as friends and fellow worshippers.

Anyways, Ric calls me the other day about an article he was writting on the capo. We had a great conversation about using capo’s and about one of my pet peeves- offering our best to God as musicians. I’ve said it on my blog before, “If we are created in the image of God and He is the creator of the universe, then why does the christian music scene seem to be following behind the secular?” And, “I wonder what the great writers of the music of the church like, Handel, Vivaldi, Mendellsonn, Bach and others would have to say about the quality of some of the music we call great.” (ok, so that’s another post)

So, as I said we had a great conversation. Ultimately, we talked about capos and the article. To read what Ric has to say visit It’s informative and covers some very good, very practical instruction.

Get a cut capo here.

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By His Wounds…

In light of a number of hits to WorshipOne inquiring for information for the song By His Wounds I have included some links to help search efforts for this song.

For Guitar and Mandolin chords. This site is great as it includes a transpose option along with some other cool stuff.

Here’s a site that has guitar tabs. I’m sorry but I was unable to locate any mandolin tabs. I’ll keep looking.

Visit NewSongCafe’s watch and learn video to see and hear more about the making of this song along with some instruction.

By His Wounds
Mac Powell
Copyright: Consuming Fire Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
CCLI 4926560

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Everlasting God- Brenton Brown

I really can’t get enough of this song.  I sure don’t know why I didn’t learn it sooner.  It’s not like I couldn’t find the chords or something.  Anyways, here’s all you need to get it on your set list too.  Gotta love it!  

Song Story/instructional at NewSongCafe. Chords  


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If You Tune It They Will Stay!

Quite a few years ago, more then 10, I attended a Calvary Chapel Regional Worship Conference in Vista, California.  Maybe I saw you there.  🙂  I don’t have much recollection of that conference.  I usually leave a conference encouraged and refocused but only remember one or two specifics. There was one thing I remember from that year, the T-shirts.  Doesn’t sound very spiritual, I know but, I was thinking about them again today while rearranging my desk and clearing it of all the Christmas stuff I had collected for our concert.

I don’t know why it crossed my mind as it wandered here and there.  But that T-shirt, graphic and all, was clear as day.  The front of it read, “If you preach it they will come.”  The back…, “If you tune it they will stay.”

Ok, I know that this is far from the truth and, quite frankly, at the time it offended me for the Word’s sake.  It may offend you as well and I don’t want you to think that I agree with the semantics of it.  But, I do agree that a worship team that plays and sings in tune can help keep someone in the pews better than the team that doesn’t. Ministry excellence can make all the difference. Hence, this post.

This is one area I emphasize more than any other with our worship servants.  If we are out of tune (off pitch) in any way it gets corrected quickly ~ immediately, if it occurs during a practice session.  Your worship team may have problems with being in tune.  A voice or a guitar or wind instrument… don’t let it slip.  They will learn to hear the difference and will improve their ear and just be better at what they do and how they sound.  If you want a great sounding worship team, this is a good place to start. Mind you, being in tune won’t make great vocalists or instrumentalist but it will make better ones for sure and that’s a beginning, a good foundation.


I’ve included a video here to encourage you further…….  May God bless your service to Him.  



For instruction in guitar visit

For instruction in voice visit

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Double Strum made easy…

Ya, Shane Bernard makes the double strum look so easy in the video he leans over and chats with Shane Elliot like double strumming is in his bones … enjoy.By the way, I’m still looking for someone who can really teach this strum simply and get it across to us less fortunate guitar players.

Here’s the shanes definition of the double strum from one of my earlier posts.
”double strumming” is a simple (not easy) technique of strumming twice as fast as the normal strum pattern of the song. Usually used in a short burst kinda like a fill on the drum set. For example if you were strumming at eighth notes 1 & 2 & 3 & but for the forth beat you took 4 e & a in your strumming, then that would be a double strum.


Strumming Sensations is a collection of different strumming styles for you to play along to.  It will improve your strumming and rhythm as well as provide you with a stack of new combination and riff ideas when you next jam with your friends or on stage.  With a combination of rock, blues and funk arranged from beginner to advanced, you’ll no longer struggle with strumming and be able to pick up the pattern of almost any song in no time.  Within seconds of signing up users receive their log in details to get started right away.


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