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Never fear, the FREEBIE is HERE!

Merry Christmas and please forgive me.  I honestly intended to post a Christmas Freebie on the 24th, but alas, it slipped right by me.   But…. Never fear, the FREEBIE is HERE!

Click the link to unlock your gift (better late than never). A full 45minute uncut video shot with my iPad of our vocal workshop earlier this month. Thank you for your loyalty and ENJOY!

THIS LINK is time sensitive so don’t delay because this FREEBIE will go away.

Vocal Workshop


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“…those that ‘can’ and those that have to work at it…”

Good Thursday Vocalists!

Have you ever thought about how people who like to sing fall into two categories,.. those who can sing and those who have to work at it?  The truth is, even those who can sing need guidance.  Singing / vocal lessons are for anyone who wants to sing well.

Even the most gifted singers take lessons. Take Michael Jackson for instance.  He worked as hard at improving and maintaing his voice as he did at making great quality productions.  He had a super talent even as a child.  If you listen to his earliest childhood recordings you can identify some great singing but also some technique that needed improving and he did just that and took his voice to the highest level he was capable of.  He improved his range to about 4 octaves and sang effortlessly from F1 to C6.

I’ve often referred to the following “rare audio. In a hotel room in ’94.”  The recording was taken during a vocal session by phone with renowned Speech Level Singing creator, Seth Riggs.  Yes, even Michael Jackson appreciated the benefits of vocal lessons.

So remember, if you want to sing as good as your favorite singer, they took lessons to get that great voice.

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Free Singing Lessons

One of the things I hear all the time is, “I can’t sing” or ” I want to be a better singer.”  

Most worship leaders and worship vocalists have trouble with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to their voices.  Let’s face it, most of us didn’t intend to become singers it just kind of happened,… one day there we were at a bible study or small group meeting and we were coaxed into leading a few songs.  Our voices just had to come along for the ride and after wards we were wondering if our voices were up to the task.

Today Musicademy shares several free singing lessons from their Seminar CDs that cover breathing, vocal health and harmony.  Be sure and have a look, these are classic techniques that will help even the most timid singer become more confident and strong.


For more on singing visit



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Good diction and higher learning…

As a small child I remember saying the pledge, right hand over my heart and words all run together. I had no concept of what I was saying even though I knew it somehow had to do with how important it was to be an American. Still, those great words eluded me as I formed the sounds without understanding.

Leading songs in a worship service can be a similar experience. We sing songs that speak a language that eludes many with words like righteousness, atonement and sacrifice. This is a common language to those who have understanding but to those who lack understanding it can be a little daunting, especially among children as the following video reveals.

This sweet girl is singing her little heart out but lacks understanding and has probably missed the proper pronunciation of the words in the song because her source might not be singing the words clearly. I know that I have often heard worship leaders singing styles that cause the listener to cringe because they can’t understand what the singer is saying.

We have a responsibility before the Lord to sing with clarity.
Open our mouths and pronounciate, not sacrificing *diction for style.
Lead with understanding and take the time to teach the song.

An after thought…

There is another lesson here that I won’t expound on at this time except to point out that we as children of God are not very unlike this little girl trying to “speak” the language of heaven but often miss it for lack of knowledge.

Your turn to talk back…

    *vocal expression : pronunciation and enunciation of words in singing

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By His Wounds…

In light of a number of hits to WorshipOne inquiring for information for the song By His Wounds I have included some links to help search efforts for this song.

For Guitar and Mandolin chords. This site is great as it includes a transpose option along with some other cool stuff.

Here’s a site that has guitar tabs. I’m sorry but I was unable to locate any mandolin tabs. I’ll keep looking.

Visit NewSongCafe’s watch and learn video to see and hear more about the making of this song along with some instruction.

By His Wounds
Mac Powell
Copyright: Consuming Fire Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
CCLI 4926560

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Things I learned from a Honda Civic commercial Part 2: Team Work

Be sure to watch the rest of the videos of the making of the Honda Civic Choir TV and see why I learned so much.  After arriving at the Honda Commercial site click the “watch” option and  you’re on your way.

Today I want to look at Teamwork. Teamwork can be defined as the cooperative effort of a team of people for a common end. It implies that each person on the team is doing their part to fulfill the purpose or task given them to do. (Eph. 4:6)

As I watched the videos I considered that there were many parts to the choir. Guy parts, girl parts, and parts within the parts.. (parts are parts) Then, there are the parts of directors, writers, orchestra musicians and parts within the orchestra and so on. Everyone doing their part well made the outcome something that sold others on the idea that driving a Honda Civic would be an exhilarating experience. Didn’t you want to go for a ride?

To lead others into worship takes teamwork. Another definition of teamwork is; joint action by a group of people, in which individual interests are subordinated to group unity and efficiency; coordinated effort.

I cant tell you how many times I hear of musicians and vocalists who have temper tantrums because they don’t get what they want when it comes to being on a team. They don’t want to work together. Their interests have nothing to do with leading people into the presence of God. Their interest lies in serving their own egos. (Phil. 2:4)

I had someone say to me once, “When do I get to sing the songs I want to sing?” Another time a bass player moaned about not getting to “play it his way” and guitarists complaining about “not getting used.” Sound familiar?

Finally, every team needs a leader. Without someone pointing the way how will the team know where to go? (1 Chronicles 16:4-6)

Lesson learned today: Know what part you play on the team and be excellent at it. Lay down your individual interests and seek unity.


View other posts of the “Things I learned from a Honda Civic Commercial.

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Learn From Experience


I just received my latest Musicacemy Newsletter and got busy right away looking at their new DVD’s and reading their articles.

There’s something to be said about experience. Especially the experience of others. After all, isn’t that why the www has so much going for it? I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned since the world of internet learning has become available. Learning from someone who really knows what they’re doing can speed up the time it takes to get proficient. That’s whats great about musicademy. Experienced worshippers and musicians coming together to make our learning fun and fast. Be sure to check out their new Worship Bass learners DVD’s, I think I’ll be getting the beginners set asap.

Also, enter their competition for a chance to win 5 free song learners downloads.

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