Cut Capo

Visit Mark Roach.  More instructional videos, etc.



More cut capo info including charts at

Also, visit Chris From Canada HERE and HERE and check out his post on the subject.

Mitch Bohannon has a YouTube channel with lots of instruction for the cut capo.

Also, take a trip over to Mitch Bohannon’s site, cut capo codeveloper with Kyser and contributor to the Worship Together Song Book at or contact Mitch Bohannon at for more info on the cut capo.He’s got charts and sells cut capos.

We would like to thank Mitch for the use of his photos here at Worship One!

Get your Kyser Cut Capo here and here.

Page updated to reflect out of date materials and links/products no longer available.


17 Replies to “Cut Capo”

  1. Hi

    This cut capo gives such amazing sound – wow!

    I am a worship leader myself and will definetly want to get one of those and learn how to use it!.


    God bless

  2. Hi Worship 1,

    I recently bought the Short Cut Capo. Are there any free chord charts available on the net to use with it?



  3. I’ve got the cut capo, but too bad WorshipTogether don’t sell to us ‘downunder’. I need the books ‘how to’ vol1-2
    What’s the next best step.
    I’m Pastor ..AND worship leader here at CC Perth. Need all the help music wise I can get.. 🙂


  4. Glad you stopped by Dazza. I didn’t realize you couldn’t get WorshpTogether stuff downunder.

    I’ll see what I can do to get you some good resources there in CC Perth.

    1. Hey there GW, thanks for stopping by and leaving some wise words for guitarists. May I add that mastering the guitar and learning music theory will improve your abilities on the guitar and you could in fact never need a capo, although it’s not unusual for an accomplished professional guitarist to use capos. They have so many uses… don’t get stuck in a rut and rely on them completely.

    2. I completely agree with worship1. A capo and alternative tunings are just more tools in a guitarist bag. Of course you never want to use them till they are a crutch, but dont consider them unnecessary or un-useful.

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