Please note the following does not apply to Lessons booked though any means other than privately through my studio. TakeLessons.com, Thumbtack, Savvy and RockU.biz rates will differ.

Lessons, Packages & Workshop Pricing 


  • In Studio Private Lessons~ 30 min. rates begin at $35 (12yrs and under)
  • In Studio Private Lessons~ 45 min. rates begin at $45.
  • In Studio Private Lessons~ 60 min. rates begin at $55.
  • In Studio Private Lessons~ monthly contract rates begin at $140. Loyalty rewards~ 1 FREE lesson in every month that has 5 weeks.
  • SUPERSTUDENT18  Packages~  3 months/12 lessons at 10% off regular rates.  30, 45, or 60 minute lessons.
  • Ukulele4Free Package~  1 Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit with any of the following packages. 
    • 1- 3 month Private Lesson package for singing!  
    • 1- 3 month Private Lesson package for ukulele!
    • 1-  Ukulele 6 week Camp Registration!  (seasonal group event)
  • Skype/live online Lessons~ apply hourly & monthly rates and packages although certain considerations may increase fees. Certain Operating Systems requirements determine eligibility for live online Lessons.  Various formats such as Facetime, Facebook live, Savvy, etc. accepted.
  • Group rates ~ are at a 20% discount per person per hour. On location~ travel expenses included up to 15 mi. one way. Inquire about applying to Bands, Choirs and Worship Teams.
  • Vocal Workshops on Location~ rates begin at $45 per person for a 3 hour workshop including materials. Add $5 per person for each additional hour. Travel expenses included up to 15 mi. one way.

Workshops can be tailored to your needs.

Sample 3 hr. Workshop Schedule~

1st hour ~ Session I / Basic Principles

Intro to Vocal Mechanics

• creating tone

• vocal cord vibration

• breathing

• resonance

Vocal Health

• posture

• bad habits

• other factors

Practical ~ Exercising what we’ve learned


2nd hour ~ Session II / Singing…. Naturally

• SATB: range

• registers ~ vocal fry, chest voice, head voice, falsetto,… Mariah Carey, Oh my!

• kinesthetics

• negotiating cord adjustments

• coordination

• developing vocal freedom

• mix

• building strength

Practical ~ Exercising what we’ve learned


3rd hour ~ Session III / The Worship Team

Singing together

• blending

• finding pitch

• vocal memory

• vibrato or no vibrato

• back-up vs lead vocals

• ear training

• plus more

Practical ~ Exercising what we’ve learned

Workshop Conclusion


Workshop 4th hr option~ 4th hour option is the final Practical of the workshop. First opt to break for lunch or dinner and come back for the fourth session. This segment is especially helpful for Bands or Worship Teams but can be effective for classical choirs as well. It includes getting the vocalists on the stage/platform and behind mics with the musician/musicians assembled and putting it all together, (providing your musician/musicians are willing to make an appearance and put in an hour behind their instruments.) Often this hour is spent developing good stage/platform protocol, etiquette and presence, mic technique, and addressing group dynamics while putting to practice what was learned in sessions I, II and III.

Cancellation Policy:

Lesson dates and times are scheduled with both the teacher and student in mind. Time is valuable. With that in mind it is important to be conscientious about cancellations.
If a cancellation is necessary then a phone call or text message, 24hrs in advance if possible, is the best way to inform one another. Make-up lessons can be arranged but a missed or cancelled make-up lesson will not be rescheduled or refunded.
Emergencies happen and I am willing to work with a student if such is the case. If a student does not show up for a lesson and has neglected to make a cancellation it is my option to schedule a make-up lesson if it is convenient.
Cancellations that may be refunded are at my discretion. These lessons may be cancelled as a result of illness or injury or, an unforeseen unexpected event, that prevents either student or teacher from being able to fulfill their commitment.


• 60 min. introductory mini-lesson and evaluation is FREE.
• Loyalty Rewards: Months in which 5 weeks occur there is no extra charge for the 5th lesson to monthly contracted students. These 5th week lessons have a no make-up contingency.
• Students who refer new contracted students will receive a 20% discount on their next months contract.
• A non-contracted student who refers a new contracted student receives 20% off their next lesson.


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