What a joy to have you stop by and visit my website!  Have a look around.  Sit a spell and read some of the articles and posts.  I’m changing things a lot here so I’m not far… I welcome your comments or send me an email and let me know how I can encourage you in your pursuit of pure vocal freedom.

May the Lord bless you . . .

meanwhile . . .

Sing like God is the only one listening!!!

12 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. What a precious site. I look forward to looking around from time to time for encouragment.

    God bless sweet friend.

  2. I am glad your website is up and going. I ill definitely be looking from time to time for words of encouragement. You are such a blessing and I am glad to call you my sister in Christ. Love ya….

  3. Beautiful Web Site! Came across it looking for Names of Jehovah. Thank you for posting your extensive list and scripture references, its just what I was looking for! May God continue to bless you in His wisdom !
    All for HIM

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