Don’t Forsake The Children! Part II ~

Earlier this morning I posted a statement regarding World Vision’s policy changes and my decision to remove myself from their Artist Affiliate Program while remaining a sponsor of a beautiful little girl in Sri Lanka.

Only moments ago I received an email from my WV representative in which an attachment declared that WV was reversing it’s decision.  I personally want to commend the leadership at World Vision US for their decision to reverse the policy.

However, for reasons unrelated to these events, my decision to bow out of the Artist Affiliate program will remain as I believe it is a wise decision due to the lack of activity this year on my part for which I am sorry that I couldn’t have done more.

Once again I encourage all those who support children through World Vision to remember the children and show the Love of Christ regardless these decisions. Let us honor our commitment to the children.

Please join me in praying for the leaders and employees of WV in their efforts to recover from these turn of events.



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Don’t Forsake The Children! ~

There’s a buzz humming loudly in the news today about World Vision’s new policy that has affected many Christians. While I have love for my sisters and brothers at WV, I am saddened by this new policy because WV is a “Christian Relief Organization” and therefore stands before the world as a representation of the Church, I believe the policy misrepresents the Church and have decided to discontinue my World Vision Artist Affiliate connection.
I have also wholeheartely decided to continue to support the beautiful young girl in Sri Lanka that I have sponsored for over a year. If her sponsorship need should come to an end then, and only then, will I break all ties. After all, she and all the other’s who are finding relief from poverty as a result of WV’s efforts have nothing to do with policy.
I encourage all those who support a child through World Vision to remember the children and show the Love of Christ regardless of this new policy. We may not agree with the policy but we made a commitment to the children which I, for one, intend to keep.
Thank you for hearing me out on this subject.
Cosima ~
To those who walk with Christ let us continue to be Christ-like.

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“…those that ‘can’ and those that have to work at it…”

Good Thursday Vocalists!

Have you ever thought about how people who like to sing fall into two categories,.. those who can sing and those who have to work at it?  The truth is, even those who can sing need guidance.  Singing / vocal lessons are for anyone who wants to sing well.

Even the most gifted singers take lessons. Take Michael Jackson for instance.  He worked as hard at improving and maintaing his voice as he did at making great quality productions.  He had a super talent even as a child.  If you listen to his earliest childhood recordings you can identify some great singing but also some technique that needed improving and he did just that and took his voice to the highest level he was capable of.  He improved his range to about 4 octaves and sang effortlessly from F1 to C6.

I’ve often referred to the following “rare audio. In a hotel room in ’94.”  The recording was taken during a vocal session by phone with renowned Speech Level Singing creator, Seth Riggs.  Yes, even Michael Jackson appreciated the benefits of vocal lessons.

So remember, if you want to sing as good as your favorite singer, they took lessons to get that great voice.

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Vocal Tip: Blending Backup Vocals

Photo: Musicademy

Photo: Musicademy

“Coordination of the vocal cords takes a sense of awareness of how your voice works, vocal mechanics, and an ability to identify, isolate and control vocal function. Most singers have no idea what their voices are doing apart from training and would benefit from a few good lessons to help them on their way.

Blending in with other vocalists is a balance of lyric, tonal quality, timing, dynamic and sensitivity. Not only does a vocalist need to be flexible vocally but they must be flexible when it comes to following and mimicking genre and stylistics. Each group or band has their own style that is developed through the preferences and style of the leader or type of group such as a classical choir, barbershop singers or rock band as well as all that the individuals bring to the group as a whole. Learning to sing in a number of styles makes the backup vocalist a valuable part of the team. Any backup vocalist should know it’s important to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and be willing to devote themselves to always be improving their talent so they can be the best fit in any situation. Good luck, God bless and Sing On!”

(reposted by Cosima on an earlier post)

Visit Musicademy for more on BGV

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When Is Enough, Enough?

How do you handle interruptions like ringing cellphones or chatty people at a gig or concert? And, when is a good time to let your audience know you care about delivering the best “show” possible? How about this…?
“At a concert in Gothenburg Concert Hall October 23, 2013, Christian Zacharias stopped playing in the middle of Haydn’s Piano Concerto, interrupted by a cell phone ringing for the second time the same concert. He also shares his views on disturbed concerts.”

The whole concert will be published at in November 2013.

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December 12, 2013 · 12:46 PM

Taking singing lessons isn’t just about recitals and karaoke….

So proud to sing along side these two beautiful voices this morning. This was their first opportunity to sing together and they did great! Their blend is a bit uncanny and I can see some good stuff happening with the three of us.

I’ve enjoyed teaching Mary (center) and Suzette (far left) and being part of their vocal journey.  It brings great pleasure to watch your students grow their gifts and use them for others.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.16.04 PM
There are some real opportunities to use your singing talent in more ways than recitals and karaoke!… And if you aren’t the “put on a show” type and you are part of a church perhaps singing as a worship vocalist is where your voice belongs.  The value of this kind of singing may far exceed your expectations! And, if you aren’t sure your voice is “ready” then there’s not better time than now to begin your own vocal journey.  Who knows where your talent will take you.   Sing On!

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Today’s Vocal Tip!

Singing Tip

Singing Tip

Good Monday, Singers! It’s good to be back after a road trip to northern cali, a funeral and a wedding I’m ready to dig in and get some singing on with all you great singers. Here’s today’s singing tip to get things started:


Not only is your voice your instrument but you are a vocal athlete too. Every athlete follows a training regime to strengthen, grow and perfect their technique.  Training includes not only the muscles but the whole body and mind through exercises and other factors such as diet, hydration and rest.

It’s important to consider what goes into your body uninvited. Smoke, fumes, smog and allergens all can have an negative effect on your instrument.

Having a healthy lifestyle and using wisdom and caution regarding your environment can be helpful in the improvement and safety of your voice. It’s all a matter of being a conscious singer. Be conscious of your surroundings, your diet, sleep patterns, and other good health factors and you’ll improve your options to Sing On! for years to come.


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