Small Budget? … Free Sheet Music!

Let’s face it, these days the budget for your ministry might be kinda tight, if you even have one, and some of us wind up using our own resources to meet our sheet music needs.

If that’s you, or if you just love to get free stuff, check out and get this week’s free song plus 9 more … free!

Now, free sheet music?… ya that’s music to my ears!

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Sight Reading Music


Some of us worship musicians are timid about reading music.  It’s a bit daunting if we aren’t used to it but Monica on InTune at the MusicNotes blog gives some great pointers to help us learn to sight read better.  Her article suggests tips for piano, keyboard players and vocalist, but the techniques work great for guitar players too.  

Remember, sight reading is just another part of being a musician.  Tackle it with confidence and watch your skills improve.


Get Christian Sheet Music at

Free Singing Lessons

One of the things I hear all the time is, “I can’t sing” or ” I want to be a better singer.”  

Most worship leaders and worship vocalists have trouble with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to their voices.  Let’s face it, most of us didn’t intend to become singers it just kind of happened,… one day there we were at a bible study or small group meeting and we were coaxed into leading a few songs.  Our voices just had to come along for the ride and after wards we were wondering if our voices were up to the task.

Today Musicademy shares several free singing lessons from their Seminar CDs that cover breathing, vocal health and harmony.  Be sure and have a look, these are classic techniques that will help even the most timid singer become more confident and strong.


For more on singing visit


Good Reading


I’m not a reader.  That is to say,  you wont find me by the fire devouring the latest releases.  I enjoy reading the Word of God and material that leads me into a deeper relationship with Him although I’m choosy within that topic.  

I believe that the Word of God is my best teacher on the subject of worship but I do love to glean, now and then, from those who have something especially meaty to say on the subject.

I have read several books on worship that I recomend highly:

  • Face Down/ Matt Redman
  • Living a Life of True Worship/ Kay Arthur
  • Planted by the Water/ Chris Falson
  • Worship and Music Ministry/ Rick Ryan, Dave Newton/Chuck Smith (out of print)
  • The Ultimate Priority/ John MacArthur, Jr.
  • Worship Rediscovering the Missing Jewel / Allen and Borror
  • Real Worship/ Wiersbe

I’d have to say that none and all of these are my favorite books on worship.  None, because I couldn’t just pick one and say that it’s the best.  All, because I believe that each one contributes something eternal and imparts a tremendous gift to the reader.

So,… what are some of the worship books in your library?

Guest Worship Artist….

This past Sunday my husband and I were graced with the generosity of some annonymous friends and sent to a marriage retreat in La Quinta, CA.  The weather was sooo hot, 115℉, but so beautiful!  If you’ve never see the beauty of the California desert you’re missing a wonder of God’s creative touch.

As you may have guessed, since my husband is the pastor and I’m the worship leader in our little fellowship, we had to get last minute replacements.  The Lord was faithful and brought two anointed servants.  Pastor Dan Finfrock delivered the message and Bob Bennett led in worship and shared some of his original music.

Our hearts were blessed to have some precious time away and to have some great friends whom God used to cover for us while we were away.


Thanks Dan and Bob for your hearts to serve the Living King and His people!

More Capo Info

I recently got a call from Ric Flauding, one of the musicians without whom my CD would not have been possible. Ric composes, orchestrates, arranges and plays guitar beautifully. His knowledge and experience far exceed my own. And in the few hours that I’ve spent with him and his wife Denise I’ve grown as a musician and person, and come to truly appreciate them as friends and fellow worshippers.

Anyways, Ric calls me the other day about an article he was writting on the capo. We had a great conversation about using capo’s and about one of my pet peeves- offering our best to God as musicians. I’ve said it on my blog before, “If we are created in the image of God and He is the creator of the universe, then why does the christian music scene seem to be following behind the secular?” And, “I wonder what the great writers of the music of the church like, Handel, Vivaldi, Mendellsonn, Bach and others would have to say about the quality of some of the music we call great.” (ok, so that’s another post)

So, as I said we had a great conversation. Ultimately, we talked about capos and the article. To read what Ric has to say visit It’s informative and covers some very good, very practical instruction.

Get a cut capo here.

By His Wounds…

In light of a number of hits to WorshipOne inquiring for information for the song By His Wounds I have included some links to help search efforts for this song.

For Guitar and Mandolin chords. This site is great as it includes a transpose option along with some other cool stuff.

Here’s a site that has guitar tabs. I’m sorry but I was unable to locate any mandolin tabs. I’ll keep looking.

Visit NewSongCafe’s watch and learn video to see and hear more about the making of this song along with some instruction.

By His Wounds
Mac Powell
Copyright: Consuming Fire Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
CCLI 4926560

What are you humming?


I wake up every morning with a song in my head. It usually lasts all day and sometimes for several days, even weeks. I’ve had Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson going round and round for the last few weeks because we’ll be doing it for Easter Service this year. It’s a great song and musically challenging with 2 modulations.

So what’s going round in your head today? Tell me all about it!!!

Learn From Experience


I just received my latest Musicacemy Newsletter and got busy right away looking at their new DVD’s and reading their articles.

There’s something to be said about experience. Especially the experience of others. After all, isn’t that why the www has so much going for it? I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned since the world of internet learning has become available. Learning from someone who really knows what they’re doing can speed up the time it takes to get proficient. That’s whats great about musicademy. Experienced worshippers and musicians coming together to make our learning fun and fast. Be sure to check out their new Worship Bass learners DVD’s, I think I’ll be getting the beginners set asap.

Also, enter their competition for a chance to win 5 free song learners downloads.

Does Live Looping have a place in the worship setting?

I don’t know for sure if this is the best demo for live looping to get my point across since Arthur Lee Land isn’t a worship leader but I couldn’t help myself! This is probably the best live looping demo video I’ve seen that gets explains it simply and clearly.

Live looping may not have to go this far in the worship setting but if you are a lone worship leader this could be a cool way to start the worship set during the call to worship. Songs that might work for this could be songs that have a repeated progression throughout like, Empty Me~Gene Way/ John Gomer or You Alone~Jack Parker/ David Crowder.

I used live looping during our Christmas Concert this year and it went great! I’m still trying to perfect my skills but I hope to be proficient at it enough to use it stealthily.

Talk back and give us some comments on this one. I’d like to know what you’re thinking.

See more of Arthur’s stuff.

New Song Cafe

NewSong If you’re looking for new songs or need to know how to play a particular song, here’s a great resource.  Stop by and visit New Song Cafe.  Here you’ll find videos where worship leaders share stories about how their songs were written and then lead you through the structure and chords of the song.   Log in to create an account and enjoy watching and learning.    Here Chris Tomlin demonstrates his song, Glory in the Highest on the New Song Cafe.


Hey everybody, Mark Roach introduced me to this new website. is a FREE online networking community for worship leaders, worship songwriters, musicians and worshippers. This site allows each member to create a personal profile in order to find and share new music, discover new resources and connect with peers. It is a SAFE forum to help equip each other to continue the work of serving today’s worshipping Church. functions as an online tool where members can upload their original songs to be reviewed by other members of the community and to discover new songs being birthed out of local churches or ministry groups.

They’ve also created the site to continually provide you with new music from a wide range of record labels, artists, writers and other church ministry professionals.

The site is still in it’s infancy so get in on the ground floor!